Luxury Rehabilitation Centre in Dombivli for Addiction Treatment

Inpatient treatment is the most comprehensive form of treatment for addicts and the most effective too.

The Rehabilitation centre in Dombivli by True Humaniversity Foundation is a registered alcohol and drug addiction recovery centre that provides the full suite of comprehensive addiction-recovery services and treatments. Set amidst a pristine locale, our Rehab centre in Dombivli, Navi Mumbai is a safe place to heal and recover. Our professional team of de-addiction specialists is vastly experienced to provide you cognitive and experiential therapies that will help you overcome your addiction safely. They combine medical, clinical, and spiritual programs for a personalized recovery plan that allows the patient to review their lives, explore their underlying traumas, take a focused inventory of their destructive habits and thought processes that have led them to their addiction or co-occurring disorders, and help them conquer those addictions

The state-of-the-art facilities in our rehabilitation centre in Dombivali give you world-class, compassionate, evidence-based treatments and holistic healing options to overcome your drug or alcohol dependence.

Our Rehab centre in Dombivli located in a peaceful and restorative environment provides customized, holistic recovery plans at an extremely affordable cost It includes:

  • CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Integrated Therapy which is a combination of psychotherapy and addiction counseling
  • Person-Centered Therapy
  • Individual Addiction Therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12 Step therapy
  • Yoga, mindfulness, meditation
  • Music, art, and other alternative therapies

Besides we take pride in the fact that the therapists and support staff in our Luxurious Rehabilitation centre in Dombivli are highly skilled to approach the most out-of-reach patients in a compassionate yet dynamic way in assisting patients to overcome their feelings of hopelessness, lack of motivation, rejection, anger as well as resistance to change. Family members are also included in our treatment and recovery plans where ever necessary.

The promotion of good healthy habits is extremely important to quicken the recovery process of an addict hence we provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. Nutrition is also fundamental to your health recovery as a healthy diet lessens the physical cravings of your addiction, hence our expert dieticians provide you with the freshest and most nutritious meals and snacks as per your needs and preferences.

We at the best rehab centre in Dombivli believe that our personal approach and the use of innovative treatments that help you heal your mind, body, and soul has been responsible for successfully helping innumerable patients overcome their addictions However it is worth remembering that recovery from any addiction does not happen in a jiffy, it often takes months hence our personalized recovery plan is a long engagement even after a patient leaves our facility. It is a program for life.

If you or your loved one is in need of professional help and addiction treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, then call our rehabilitation centre in Dombivli and begin your journey towards a successful recovery from your addiction.

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