Best Rehab Centre in Panvel for Addiction Treatments

Alcohol or drug addiction is very devastating and recovery from it isn’t supposed to be for a moment, it has to be for a lifetime. And finding the right alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre is the first step towards a successful de-addiction process.

True Humaniversity Foundation’s Rehab centre in Panvel is a registered alcohol and drug rehabilitation Centre that works day in and day out to change lives for the better for those with alcohol or drug dependence. It provides compassionate, personalized care to those struggling to recover from alcohol or drug addiction.

Our rehabilitation centre in Panvel is acknowledged to provide non-judgmental, compassionate support to our clients by bringing a unique combination of professional expertise and personal experience to our full suite of comprehensive de-addiction services. Traditionally the de-addiction industry works on the compliance model with forced abstinence. Our state-of-the-art evidence-based treatments and holistic healing options are personalized to provide our clients with the necessary care, expertise, and support in a community based, accommodative environment with a sense of belonging

The experts in our Rehab centre in Panvel specialize in working with clients who are chronic relapsers or treatment-resistant, helping you develop life skills that empower you to reclaim your lost life and recover faster. The tenure of your treatment is of course dependent upon the severity and longevity of your addiction.

The aim of our rehabilitation centre in Panvel is to provide you world-class, luxurious facilities in a serene, tension-free environment. It’s a place where you feel safe, cared for, and respected while you focus solely on freedom from your addiction and complete recovery. Moreover, the cost is extremely affordable

We are considered the best rehab centres in Panvel as we offer you treatment or a combination of treatments as per your needs. These include:

  • CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Integrated Therapy is a combination of psychotherapy and addiction counseling
  • Person-Centered Therapy
  • Individual Addiction Therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12 Step therapy
  • Yoga, mindfulness, meditation
  • Music, art, and other alternative therapies

All our patients receive a unique continuing care plan after our initial de-addiction program.

If you are considering getting professional help to overcome your alcohol and drug addiction, then our rehabilitation centre in Panvel by the True Humaniversity Foundation, provides the best goal-oriented de-addiction rehabilitation services along with the best trade practices while ensuring you the highest level of safety and care.