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Different approaches for drug and Alcohol rehabilitation programs have been used to offer someone coping with addiction harms. The process usually includes therapy, detoxification, and aftercare support. Women and Men are very different at various aspects, it is therefore imperative that the treatment methods for women would be addressed in ways very specific to them. Tackling with issues like family, work, children etc would be very different from the way a man would face during recovery. Women can face identity issues linked to their addiction problem. Many women deal with sexual traumas of the past. At the rehabilitation centre, we focus on particular areas that cause addictive behaviors and help you recover.

Studies indicate that women face addiction differently

-Women’s addiction is faster in comparison to the man

-They face more mental health related issues linked to addiction

-Women face different levels of barriers prior recovery (social)

Our centre acknowledges these issues and develops very result oriented treatment approaches for each one.

Thousands of women in India hold drinking behavior which is a major health hazard to them. Their well being is affected, especially for young teens.

Women on average linger longer than men to look for help for addiction, they causes the addiction to progress further.

Signs of Addiction

Addiction poses similar effects on individuals independent of their background. Some of them maybe:

Requiring drugs, alcohol for performing everyday tasks

Criminal behavior like theft of money to buy drugs

Drinking through the day

Inability to stop even after willing to stop

The type’s issues women face can have a considerable influence on the need to use alcohol and drugs as coping mechanisms. It’s not uncommon for women with addiction problems to have suffered physical or sexual abuse sometime in the past or in the present. If you’ve been the victim of physical or sexual abuse, alcohol and drugs provide an easy way to mask the pain and forget that it ever happened. A women-focused drug rehabilitation program is designed to help you work through these painful issues and learn ways to replace “using” with healthy, productive activities.

Another woman-specific issue involves the roles women take on within their families. Women with children, women with spouses or women with aging parents may have to contend with family responsibilities that are not typically expected of men. This is especially the case when a woman must provide for her children without the help of a partner.

The fear of having your children removed by the court system is enough to drive any person into a panic. Struggling with addiction problems and holding a family together can quickly become a no-win situation unless the proper supports are in place. A woman-focused rehabilitation program can assist you in making whatever arrangements are needed to keep you involved in your children’s lives until you’re able to function as a capable provider.

Restoring Relationships

Restoring Relationship Issues surrounding self-esteem and identity often play a pivotal role for women who suffer with addiction problems. These feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt lead women to seek out dysfunctional, painful relationships that only worsen their addictive tendencies. Friendships can also take on a dysfunctional dynamic that places unnecessary or unhealthy demands and pressures on a person. Oftentimes, the expectations of significant others and social circles are a prime source of a woman’s struggle with addiction.

A women-focused drug rehabilitation program places a heavy emphasis on the identity issues that women face within their everyday lives. Through ongoing therapy – both individual and group – women learn to define who they are and what they want out of their lives. Group therapy interactions enable women to form nurturing, supportive relationships with each other, which may be the first time many of the group participants have ever experienced healthy relationships with other women. In effect, women-focused rehabilitation programs provide an environment of emotional safety and security as women learn to work through the issues that drive their addictive behaviors.

Alcohol and Drugs effects on the Brain functioning

Specialists in the field report a significant decrease in the amount of glutamate – a neurotransmitter chemical – secreted by the brain. Glutamate is responsible for many essential brain functions, such as:

Decision-making abilities

Learning capacity

Making good judgments

Planning and goal setting

These effects make it difficult for a person to see how drugs are affecting his life. Gaining the insight or will to make needed changes becomes a difficult challenge as well.

Women-Focused Rehabilitation Services

The services provided through a women-focused drug treatment program are designed to help you become self-sufficient while developing a healthy, supportive network of family and friends to bolster your recovery. Treatment objectives focus on learning to set boundaries in relationships and in everyday interactions with others. These are essential skills that help you define your sense of self and strengthen your self-esteem. Women in general typically look for connectedness or bonds within relationship. This tendency makes it all the more important to learn how to connect with others in a healthy way.

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