Professional Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

True Humaniversity Foundation is a registered Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India offering drug and alcohol addiction rehab services.

True Humaniversity Foundation determines evidence – based treatment options, chalks out the best suitable plan according to your health history, and ensures life long recovery. All of this comes with the guarantee of full commitment from their end.

According to your needs, the following treatment, or combination of treatments can be made available:

  1. Detox
  2. Therapies
  3. Counselling
  4. Medication
  5. Alternate therapies – art, music etc

Not only are the recovery tools made available, but they are also assisted in the guidance of professional staff which is available for 24*7 at the rehab centre.


Leading Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Mumbai, India. True Humaniversity Foundation resets your physical as well as mental state. Their motto is holistic treatment – a treatment that rehabilitates the mind, body and soul. The evils of addiction eat you up mentally as well as physically. From emotional isolation to chronic physical disabilities – they all entail the inevitable consequences of substance use. It is made sure that when the toxins are removed from the body, proper diet and lifestyle is maintained. This helps in minimising the after effects, or withdrawal symptoms.

If you are worried about what happens after you get discharged from the Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India then let us assure you that our post rehab programmes keep your recovery intact. That is how we commit to provide long term recovery. Withdrawals can be severe and symptoms can include sweating, shaking, nausea and high levels of anxiety. You will definitely need a professional care system that controls, treats and liberates you from these replays of symptoms and drug cravings.

We agree that breaking the cycle of addiction can be challenging. But we are here with our full trained and experienced team to walk with you in your journey of detox. All you have to do is reach out, seek help and trust in the process.