Luxury Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Navi Mumbai

We at the drug Rehab and Alcohol rehabilitation centre Navi Mumbai believe that alcoholism and drug addictions are the bane of the high speed, high pressure modern living. But we at True Humaniversity Foundation also believe that everyone has a right to reclaim and regain normalcy back their lives. And that the only way to experience permanent recovery is by learning to adhere and practice a set of habits that help you recover from your addiction and rebuild your life

As a registered Alcohol rehabilitation centre Navi Mumbai, True Humaniversity Foundation provides the full suite of comprehensive addiction-recovery services and treatments for chronic relapsers and treatment resistants. Our expert team of de-addiction professionals is highly experienced in helping you conquer your addiction safely. Our Drug rehabilitation centre Navi Mumbai has modern facilities to give you loving, evidence-based treatments and holistic healing. It combines a high level of well structured and disciplined medical, clinical and spiritual treatment programmes for an individualized recovery plan to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction.

Our Drug rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation centre Navi Mumbai has a peaceful and restorative environment with world-class treatments and restorative facilities that help you jump-start your recovery process at affordable costs. Our multi-faceted, medically supervised detox programme is designed to cleanse your body of addictive substances without any potential medical complications. Our holistic approach includes clinical support, combination of medical treatments, education about recovery based life skills and medical as well as spiritual counselling that helps you overcome your addiction safely under proper medical supervision. Our specialists and therapists approach the most out-of-reach patients in a dynamic manner, while our support staff are also equally well trained and experienced in assisting patients overcome their feelings of dejection, poor motivation, exclusion, anguish as well as resistance to change. We also include family members in our treatment and recovery plans where ever necessary.

Our integrated, holistic addiction recovery programme includes:

  • CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Integrated Therapy which is a combination of psychotherapy and addiction counselling
  • Person Centered Therapyy
  • Individual Addiction Therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12 Step therapy
  • Yoga, mindfulness, meditation
  • Music, art and other alternative therapies

Inculcating good health habits is the most important aspect of any recovery from addiction, hence our alcohol rehabilitation centre Navi Mumbai provides you with a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. Good, nutritious food diet lessens the physical cravings of your addiction, hence our expert dieticians provide you with the freshest and most nutritious meals and snacks.

Being the most revered drug rehabilitation centre Navi Mumbai we are renowned to use innovative, gender-specific treatments that help you heal your mind, body and soul. Our personalized recovery plans include spiritual counselling, meditation and mindfulness training. It includes changing of routines, friends, and set pattern of manipulative thought processes. Such major changes calls for the backing of a spiritual process and hence spiritual counselling also plays a major role in our holistic recovery plan.

Recovery does not happen quickly, it often takes months. The longer a person is in our recovery programme the greater are his chances of staying sober. Besides our recovery plan also entails long engagement even after a patient leaves our facility.

So if you or your loved one is addicted to alcohol or drugs and are struggling to recover from your addiction, then our drug rehab & alcohol rehabilitation centre Navi Mumbai is best equipped to help you get sober and achieve long-term recovery that is completely safe. True Humaniversity Foundation and its Rehabilitation centre Navi Mumbai is committed to help you bring about a real change in your life.