Luxurious De-Addiction Treatment Centre in Mumbai

Helping addicts awaken! Join us for ending your deaddiction struggles!

True Humaniversity Foundation is a luxury but affordable DeAddiction Treatment Centre in Mumbai officially registered for providing de-addiction treatment services.

Our treatment plan integrates the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with a twelve-step facilitation and mindful meditation that has proven to be the most effective treatment for not only alcohol but also other types of addictions and related disorders.

De-addiction treatment centre can be a rollercoaster. But that also assures that along with the lows, you will also experience the high of success in completely becoming sober. Be it pangs of anxiety, or emotional outbursts, be it physical challenges or mental traumas, True Humaniversity Foundation is going to stick with you, no matter what. That is what the true essence of de-addiction is.

While Our De-Addiction Treatment Services include:

  • Detox
  • Therapies
  • Medications
  • Alternate therapies
  • Counselling

All the clients also have the opportunity to explore our de-addiction centre with adventurous insights to avoid focusing on their cravings! So, join us in reliving life in a new way!

Our value:

The most important asset that we have is our compassionate, empathetic and resilient staff. We understand the need of physical detox to eliminate every toxicity from the person’s body. But what we also focus on is, mental detox. This is precisely why we have chosen the most experienced and trained staff for our De-Addiction treatment Centres in Mumbai, India – right from the doctors to the hospitality team members.

Our Belief:

We believe in the faith of recovery. We firmly believe that every day with every new client we need to update our approach towards treatment. Therefore, we strictly follow the rule of flexibility in our treatments. It is best suited and tailormade, just for you. We believe in making de-addiction, a journey of self – recovery instead of a tormenting process.

Whatever your needs may be, look no further than Life True Humaniversity Foundation – leading and the best De-Addiction Treatment Centre in Mumbai, India.