Best Professional Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol abuse or addiction issues, True Humaniversity alcohol rehab centre can help. Our program features a diverse range of alcohol treatment programs that can be individually tailored to meet your specific and unique needs.

All clients will receive a full continuum of care which includes medical detox services and medical treatment, individual and group therapy, life and coping skills training and relapse prevention education. Our quality Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India is designed to address your alcohol abuse in mind, body, and spirit and will give you the tools to achieve and maintain meaningful long-term recovery. We aim to provide world-class inpatient rehab services, with the engagement of fully qualified counsellors.

True Humaniversity Foundation is an exemplary rehabilitation centre compared to other Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Mumbai.

Officially recognised Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, -True Humaniversity Foundation, is committed to professional care by following the global health guidelines. Their resolution to medically treat, control and restore the misuse counteraction of alcohol dependents, makes them stand apart as the best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India. True Humaniversity Foundation Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and Mumbai is one of the most sought -after rehab in whole of India. Their professionalism drives addicts from all around the country to enrol for their residential program.

The elements included in their treatment is listed here. This is a general but not an exhaustive list. More elements can be added or removed in case the client’s individual case asks for.

  • Psychologist
  • Experienced guide of experts
  • Psycho-otherworldly program revolving around contemplation, yoga and diversion
  • Multi-disciplinary treatment
  • Addicts to develop inner reflections
  • Placing addicts in an ideal peaceful external environment
  • Offers treatment for addictions identified with liquor, sedate, substance misuse, and so forth.
  • Integration of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with a twelve-step facilitation
  • Both de addiction and detoxification processes for alcohol addiction and dependence
  • Recreational Therapies – art, music and dance
  • Emergency help services
  • Prompt medications for withdrawal symptoms
  • Eradicating triggers from within for efficient recovery

We believe that recovery encompasses elements outside of therapy as much as it includes the medical treatment.  Therefore, we try to address additional issues that play a key role in long-term sobriety such as life skills, employment support, health, and wellness.

Right from early intervention to after treatment, we have all of it covered at our alcohol rehab centre! In addition to our world-class treatment program and contemporary facilities, our clients will also receive prompt and tailored services from our warm & courteous staff. Recovery must be fast paced and result oriented. Therefore, we aim to use procedures that are proven to work – individually for you. Join us for a recovery that lasts; a recovery that is fast.

True Humaniversity Foundation addresses the particular needs of their patients and give you the quality consideration you need for fast recovery.

For any queries, reach out to the best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Mumbai – True Humaniversity Foundation:

Contact Number +91-8693092000/+91-9167943134