De-Addiction Treatment Centre in Pune

Addiction isn’t an evil that just affects an individual. It is an evil that causes harm to the society in general.

However, we must also not outcast the addict for his behaviour. For his behaviour is fuelled by addiction, which is a brain disease. Infact, in some cases it is genetic as well. Drugs that result in the development of tolerance and physical dependence often have the potential to cause addiction. Here are some generic causes of addiction, be it alcohol, drug or any substance:

  • Social disorganization
  • peer pressures
  • family factors
  • genetic factors
  • emotional problems
  • mental health problems

Every day we are coming across new exponentially high data indicating the stats related to alcohol or drug consumption. Increasing number of crimes violated are increasing with substance use cases.

If you think de-addiction is an extra costly burden in your life, then rethink this. What is the amount you are spending on drugs addiction and alcohol addiction? What is the opportunity cost of the job that you might have lost? What about the value of your or your loved one’s life? What about the medication cost of the concurring diseases that come with addiction? Rethink your life decisions. Rethink claiming a normal sober life again. Discover sobriety through a combination of proven treatments and recreational therapies. Rethink visiting True Humaniversity Foundation for affordable yet luxurious De-Addiction Treatment Centre in Pune

True Humaniversity Foundation is a De-Addiction Centre in Pune, India that provides you the tools needed to break free from substance abuse. The aim of our Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai and Pune is to provide compassionate, world class Neuro-Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Care, treatments and facilities.

True Humaniversity strives to provide safe and effective detox programs to its client – for those who wish to begin their recovery journey with minimum negative consequences.  With a variety of programs and services which is delivered by extremely professional and trained staff, a safe and welcoming facility, and a compassionate support group, True Humaniversity Foundation is ready to help our clients achieve their recovery goals. Our de addiction centre in pune is equipped both as Alcohol Rehabilitation and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune.

Why go to Rehab?

  • De-addiction can be a complex process. Detoxing and de- addicting from excessive alcohol use or substance use is physically, mentally and medically challenging.
  • It shouldn’t be attempted without medical supervision.
  • Alcohol or drug withdrawal happens when someone abruptly stops or significantly reduces their alcohol consumption. Therefore, it is also necessary to for such treatments under supervision.
  • A monitored recovery process is very crucial. Treatment plans should be made keeping in the mind the pre addiction medical history as well.
  • Chances of fatal relapses are high if a methodological procedure of detox and medication isn’t followed.

All of this can only be possible at an DeAddiction Treatment Centre in Pune where a combination of treatments is available for holistic recovery that lasts long.

True Humanversity Foundation has been providing the following services for a constructive de-addiction centre routine:

  • Detox
  • Therapies
  • Medications
  • Alternate therapies
  • Counselling

However, this is not a restrictive list. Plans are made according to the requirements of the clients. We believe in updating our treatments according to the client’s medical case.

 If you wish to know more about our approach to de-addiction, please feel free to reach out to us!