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Teenagers and Young Adults are regarded as the easy Prey for Substance Use Disorder

June 14, 2021 By 0 Comments

Teenagers, as well as Young Adults in the present situation or the current situation, are referred to as the easy prey or the weak enough to fall for the Substance Abuse or Drug Use Disorder. The so-called young generation of the country are playing with their future and are on the path of destroying their life, as they are regarded as the liability for the country as they put stains on the glory of the nation, rather been classified as productive assets. Teenagers think that they have grown up fully and have the right to enjoy what they like, but they are unaware of the fact that they getting themselves in the clutches of alcohol addiction or the drug use disorder that can and will affect their body negatively as well as can cause the lifelong ailment as well as the disordered style of living that cannot be corrected or eradicated. So, the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mumbai can be contacted for the same matters of interest

There are many acute as well as chronic ailments that are caused to teenagers or young adults after they start taking the harmful substance regularly. Acute ailments are described as diseases or medical problems that are caused for a short period and get healed with gradual treatment. Chronic ailments are health problems that are with the body for a long period and need a lot of time to recover, it requires continuous treatments of medication, hospitalization, and sometimes if the case is severe then surgery also. So, there is a question that is from quite a long time in my house that what forces these teenagers as well as the young adults to get into these all habits that causes addiction?

Many points are kept in mind that can cause teenagers as well as Young Adults to get into the vicious circle of addiction, they are briefly discussed below. The addiction cycle proves to fatal or can cause mortal danger to the person addicted, the points are as follows: –

Independence: –

The modern-day youth demands so-called independence from their guardians and the parents, they tend to look cool in front of their mates or the so-called friends who are just show-offs, and nothing else. The independence proves a strong sense of the gateway that leads to the induction of the harmful chemicals as well as substances in the body of an individual. This independence is regarded as the license of the teenagers for doing whatever they want.

Family Influence: –

If the Family of the children has a long drawn history of chronic drinking habit then, it is regarded as the strong sense of the carriers of the addiction process to the teenagers and young adults. So, the action of the families is reflected by the children in their behavior.
The above-mentioned scenario is completely true for the contemporary world, as the stats show that day by day the teenage addicts are increasing at a tremendous pace that is unimaginable. Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai is continuously working on spreading awareness on the subject matter.

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