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How to save our Youngsters from Drug Abuse?

February 13, 2021 By 0 Comments

Being one of the most reputed Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, True Humaniversity Foundation is fully aware that adolescence is the most critical period in a person’s life. It is a period where you are trying to prove to the world that you have grown up and that it should no longer treat you as a kid.

Why do young people take drugs?

As the best Addiction treatment centre in Mumbai we at True Humaniversity Foundation have observed that adolescents start using drugs for various reasons.

Some start consuming alcohol or drugs to simply let people know that now they have grown up or they don’t want to be left out by friends or peer groups. Some use drugs just to get the feeling of pleasure, feel good.

Some nervous types use drugs because they wrongly believe that it will relieve their anxiety, depression or stress related disorders. Other more ambitious ones use stimulants to excel in academics or sports persons use steroids to improve their athletic performances. And in trying to show the world, there are instances when the adolescent goes overboard and begins to smoke cigarettes or drugs and drink alcohol frequently, that unknowingly grows in to an addiction that has the potential to ruin their life and career. This is because the part of the brain that controls our judgment and decision making develop fully only by our mid 20’s. This makes the teenagers particularly vulnerable to the risks of alcohol or drug experimentation particularly under peer pressure.

As a premier de-addiction centre in Mumbai, India we at True Humaniversity Foundation always emphasize that you must always guard against these Common Risk Factors for Drug or Alcohol abuse amongst Adolescents:

  • Family history of substance abuse
  • Stressful early life experiences like child abuse, sexual abuse or any other form of trauma
  • Genetics
  • Lack of parental supervision or monitoring
  • Fear of social rejection due to low self-esteem and peer pressure.
  • Mental or behavioral health condition like depression, anxiety, attention-deficit
  • Impulsive risk-taking behavior.

Effects of adolescent substance abuse:

Using drugs at such a young age disrupts you brains growth and functioning of critical areas of motivation, memory, learning, analysis, judgment, co-ordination and behavior control. It increases the risks of mental health disorders like anxiety, depression. Alcohol or drug abuse at young age is also associated with high risk sexual activity, unplanned pregnancy amongst women. It also results in poor academic performance, social and personal interactions.

Health Effects of Drug Abuse

Our years of experience as a major alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai has made us realize that early addiction has more potential of damaging your health.  If prolonged this can lead to increased risk of heart attack, stroke seizures, liver and kidney failure, impairment of memory, learning problem, lack of concentration, risk of psychosis, hallucinations, paranoia, schizophrenia, respiratory distress or even death from overdose.

Preventive Strategies to avoid Alcohol or Drug Abuse during adolescence:

As a parent you can have the biggest influence on your adolescent child and can help him/her overcome their critical transition phase unscathed. True Humaniversity Foundation as the best addiction treatment centre in Mumbai often guide parents about the preventive strategies they can use to help their teenage child avoid substance abuse. You can do this by:

An honest conversation is the most powerful way to connect to your adolescent child and help him evolve as a responsible adult. Always be available to them and keep all communication lines open making sure you reflect love and compassion even when you are having an uncomfortable or tough conversation.

Frequent touch points and teachable moments come up all the time during your interaction with them, use these as natural opportunities to discuss substance use and abuse. Discreetly keep a tab on their whereabouts and activities. Encourage him or her to get involved with positive, meaningful and personality development activities.

Establish rules for them like moving leaving parties where drinks or drugs are being served, avoiding travelling with a drunken friend on his bike or in his car. Know your teens friends and wean him away from any shady or addicted fried by talking to them about the consequences of maintaining relationship or friendship with him.

Provide support, encourage and praise your young one on his every success or achievement. A strong emotional bond with him will go a long way in keeping him away from drugs or any addictions. Set a good example yourself so that they are inspired to emulate you by strictly following all the rules imposed upon them and adhering to all the advice given to them.

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