How to get rid of alcohol and marijuana addiction

How to get rid of alcohol and marijuana addiction?

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Two Most Prevalent Addictions in the World

We at True Humaniversity Foundation as the best De-addiction Treatment Centre in Mumbai know fully well Alcohol and Marijuana are two of the most prevalent addictions in the world. People drink alcohol but marijuana is smoked or vaporised or eaten by mixing with food like candy, cookies, brownies or it is even brewed just like tea.

Harmful Effects of Marijuana:

Our Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune get a lot of cases of addicts who have been smoking marijuana for longer periods of time. This causes lung damage that may lead to asthma attacks, bronchitis and chronic cough. It also affects your concentration, coordination and reaction. But this is a habit that is not restricted to men alone. Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai also gets a lot of women patients. If smoking by pregnant women it affects the unborn child and results in its premature birth, abnormal size, behavioural and brain problems to the new. Born babies. When taken in larger and heavier dosages it leads to depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, toxic psychosis, delusions, hallucination, and even paranoia.

Using marijuana over-activates certain areas of your brain that makes you feel high. It results in mood changes and impaired memory, altered senses and inability to focus.

Marijuana abuse also causes physical effects like breathing difficulties, coughing, lung infections. It also increases the chances of lung cancer, heart attack. Long term use also causes a condition called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome wherein a person experiences regular bouts of severe nausea, intense vomiting and de-hydration.

Poor Physical, Mental and Social Life:

As compared to others those addicted to alcohol and marijuana have poor physical and mental health, have low social life and level of satisfaction. They also face severe relationship problems with their family and friends.

Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Pune also gets a large number of students. These students have severe academic challenges and have a higher percentage of dropping out of school or college.

Professionals face tardiness, absenteeism, accidents, higher job losses and retrenchments.

Overdose of marijuana has many dangerous side effects and can also be life-threatening.

How to overcome Alcohol and Marijuana Addiction?

As the best de-addiction centre in Mumbai, we are aware that marijuana is amongst the hardest drugs to quit. We advise our patients that recovery from addiction begins by facing the reality that you are addicted to alcohol and marijuana and preparing yourself to quit the habit will require a lot of will power and determination because it is a long and arduous journey to recovery.

The time duration it takes to recover from your addiction depends upon the severity of your addiction and can vary from person to person. For some, it may take a few months while for some others a few years.

True Humaniversity Foundation is a Registered Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune. Our experienced team of professional de-addiction specialists give you evidence-based treatments options and chalk out a recovery plan that is best suited to your individual needs. Our aim is to reset your physical and mental state and help you liberate yourself from your addiction to life. Being the best De-addiction Treatment Centre in Mumbai, we offer you treatment or a combination of treatments as per your needs. Our full continuum of care consists of medical detox services and medical treatments individual and group therapies, alternate therapies like art, music, yoga, counselling, life and coping skills training, relapse prevention education.

Individualized Rehabilitation Program:

The customized rehab programme in our Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune includes experienced psychologists and psychiatrists, multi-disciplinary treatment, integration of cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT) with twelve-step facilitation, both de-addiction and de-toxification processes for alcohol and drug addiction and dependence, prompt medications for withdrawal symptoms.

Post-Rehab Programs:

As the most prominent Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, we also have various post-recovery rehabilitation programmes that help you keep your recovery intact.

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