What is Substance Abuse

What is Substance Abuse?

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Substance Abuse:

According to the WHO, substance abuse is the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances including tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs. Substance abuse is an early stage of substance addiction and in reality, is a very serious matter as it can result in very grave physical and mental damage to the addict. It is much more than consuming alcohol or taking drugs just for the sake of fun because its constant usage re-wires your brain to constantly desire more and more quantity of the drug being abused. This consequently increases your dependence on the drug and ultimately reaches a stage where it goes beyond your control and you cannot function without taking the drug you are addicted to. Once you reach that stage it is impossible for you to refrain yourself from taking the substance you are addicted to, without proper professional intervention by medical experts and de-addiction treatment at one of the reputed Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India. True Humaniversity Foundation is one such reputed Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai in Mumbai and Pune. Its fully air-conditioned Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai is considered one of the best Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India due to its holistic approach.

Dangers of Substance Abuse:

Family members have to remember that it’s been proven in multiple behavioral health types of research that substance abuse can happen at any age and that shaming an individual for substance abuse will not reduce but only trigger more substance abuse. If remaining untreated these addicts even commit several grave criminal acts to procure these substances Substance abuse also leads to several severe consequences like failure to meet work or school obligations, interpersonal conflicts amongst family members or friends, dangerous behavior in one’s daily routine. Moreover, when the effect of the substance being abused wears off, the addict experiences intolerable withdrawal symptoms.

Possible Substances of Abuse:

Generally, there are many substances that one may get addicted to without even realizing that they are getting addicted to it for example nicotine and alcohol. Drugs and medications prescribed by doctors for the treatment of certain ailments can also lead to abuse and turn into an addiction if taken for a prolonged period of time. The abuse of a healing medication occurs when an individual continues to take prescribed medicine for a longer duration of time and goes on increasing its quantity for quicker relief from the ailment. Marijuana, LSD, heroin, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy are some of the most common substances that lead to substance abuse and addiction.

Reasons for Substance Abuse:

The reasons as to why a person may resort to substance abuse vary from person to person. For someone, it may be a stressful, hectic, or toxic environment, while for someone else it may be his struggle with coping with a personal loss or tragedy or emotional trauma and for yet another, it may be his work-related stress or job-loss. Some may even have a genetic predisposition or history of substance abuse and addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse:

There are certain tell-tale signs and symptoms that help detect if a person is involved in substance abuse and they include forgetfulness and carelessness towards responsibilities, constant feeling of depression, mood swings and memory loss, unnecessary irritability, avoiding family, friends, and activities to get drunk or high on drugs, frequent hangovers. Seizure or mild tremors, difficulty in speaking, visual changes, balancing problems, suicidal tendencies, unkempt appearance, sudden loss of weight.

Treatment for Substance Abuse:

Substance abuse is a very dangerous issue and an addict needs proper professional medical help to enable him to climb out of his addiction.

True Humaniversity Foundation is a premier Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, India with premium residential rehabilitation treatments and facilities that provides professional de-addiction treatment with the utmost care and concern at its Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune & Mumbai.

Everyone desiring de-addiction treatment at our centre first receives a clinical assessment. The experienced medical experts and professional psychologists at our Addiction Centre in Pune and Mumbai then formulate a holistic treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient. We combine physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual perspectives to rehabilitate the mind and body of each addict and help him overcome his substance abuse and addiction with minimum possible discomfort and maximum medical expertise. Based on the assessment the addict is referred to the Medically Supervised Withdrawal process, often called detoxification or detox. This is done through medication to help people to withdraw from their addiction depending upon the severity of their addiction. Those severely addicted people who take large doses may require medically managed withdrawal treatments.

Our air-conditioned Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune is set in an accommodative environment with world-class luxurious facilities that makes you feel at home at an extremely affordable cost. Our customized treatments are built around daily interactions that include: CBT-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy, Integrated therapy (a combination of psychotherapy and addiction counseling, Person-centred therapy, Individual addiction therapy, Group therapy,12 Step therapy, Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, Music, art and other alternative therapies.

At our Alcohol Rehabilitation in Mumbai & Pune, we believe in making de-addiction a journey of self-recovery rather than a tedious medical procedure. We, therefore, deliver the best addiction recovery care and follow all safety and patient care requirements. No wonder, True Humaniversity Foundation is one of the best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India.

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